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  2. Industry

    Exhibition Name Country Time Address
    MME2020 The United Arab Emirates 2020-12-17 Dubai
    MITEX RUSSIA 2020-11-07 Moscow
    BATIMAT FRANCE 2020-11-06 Paris
    INDONESIA HARDWARE SHOW Indonesia 2020-09-27 Jakarta
    IIHT EXPO INDIA 2020-09-08 Bombay
    Expo Ferretera MEXICO 2020-09-07 Guadalajara
    INDEX SULTANATE OF OMAN 2020-08-21 Muscat
    SATTEX SOUTH AFRICA 2020-07-30 Johannesburg
    Expofierros COLUMBIA 2020-07-27 Bogota
    Hardware + Tools Middle East The United Arab Emirates 2020-05-22 Dubai
    National Hardware Show U.S.A 2020-05-09 Las Vegas
    National Manufacturing Week AUSTRALIA 2020-05-09 Melbourne
    FEICON BATIMAT Brazil 2020-04-04 St Paul
    intertool kiev Ukraine 2020-03-17 Kiev
    ASIA PACIFIC SOURCING 2020 Germany 2020-03-07 Cologne



    • Exhibition 2

      Cars and accessories exhibition, commercial truck, modified auto show, rubber tires, agriculture and agricultural machinery exhibition.
    • Exhibition 3

      Comprehensive building materials exhibition, exhibition of kitchen and bathroom, pipe valve hvac refrigeration exhibition, glass doors and Windows and aluminum exhibition, exhibition of roofing and waterproofing materials.
    • Exhibition 4

      LED lighting exhibition, exhibition, the consumer electronics show, wearable electronics, electronic components.
    • Shanghai

      A food, aquatic products, packaging machinery and printing, solar energy, electricity.

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